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Learning Sundanese scales (tunings) from west java Indonesia

Freeware Program

Freeware Program Titi Laras

Download freeware TITI LARAS Beta Test version realese 0.9b - 632Ko.

Titi Laras (Basa Sunda) literally "Footbridge of harmony", means "Tuning System".

The goal of this freeware is to simplify the study of laras - the various tuning systems - (and derived scales) used by Sundanese musicians. The homeland of the Sundanese culture is in the highland of the western third of the island of Java in the provinces of West Java and Banten, Indonesia.

Our goal is to present the audio parameters of the laras so that the user can experiment with the idiosyncratic intervals, whose subtle nuances of temperament would be difficult to apprehend without such direct audio reference.

After the selecting the scale, the main window will display:
The audio can be listened to via:
For more information please download the instruction guide in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files.
Catatan beta test 0.9b version. The development of this freeware is still in process and not completed. Please give your suggestions, informations and critics at the email adress :